I see videos as I see photos, a haunting avenue able to both define and seal mortality. To me they are the same apple on two different trees, or two different apples on the same tree. They are of the same family, come from the same home, grew up in the same place, went to the same school, yet like siblings both possess different traits. No need to divide but two different instruments singing the same song.

Having said that I have thought long and hard about how it is want I to do this; with the unlimited styles available how do I create a wedding video that can be treasured forever?
I admit there are no words and I'm always learning, so to explain my style I will say this: It is unique. I try to tell a story without telling a story like its normally told, it's about a wedding but its about more than that.
A little bit less about your day and more about you is how I will let it unfold.


A place where simplicity reigns and your story may be told in it's truly peaceful way.


"Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved?"
- King Solomon



prices begin at $3700

selective wedding photography and videography.

new zealand & world wide




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