Grey Area Productions

Wedding photography and videography

Like me, you too have a long story of life, change, hope and loss. I'll do my best to understand that and capture it in your eyes.

I try to tell your story as honestly and simply as possible, it's about a wedding but its about more than that. A little bit less about your day and more about you.

I try to seal all of the heights, all the pretty things, all the people, the waiting, the quiet bits, the shouting and the crying into one short video. I’m often told the mood of my videos brings the day crashing back for people.

All video packages include a highlights video [you choose the length depending on package choice] and a full video of the ceremony and the reception. The highlights video is what becomes your memory of the day, and the full videos are there if you ever want to hear everything word for word.

You can choose whether you want the vows and speeches incorporated in your video, although I think music is best for the highlights video, it lets you get lost in the day and words are best left for the full videos.

Video package pricing starts at $3900